sesame nails

excuse the messiness. i never clean up the sides.

i don't normally do my nails in any fancy way. i'll paint em once every 2 weeks or so and i don't repaint them until i've picked off every bit of polish so usually they look like a #hotmess. #noshame?

anyway, i went on a little retail therapy spree with jacob (nickname and one of my oldest friends) and found this little beady nail set (only the colorful one online) at forever for 5 bucks. i don't own anything beauty from forever. the quality of all the makeup stuff sucks...and most of the clothes but since majority of my closet is from there i can't talk shit...i digress. this. nail. polish. it has withstood 4 days of cuticle biting, boiling-hot showering, and other bad nail habits. even though some of the beads have been coming off, i'm impressed.

what's your take on the textured nail trend?


  1. 1. So freaking glad you're back to blogging.
    2. I cannot pull off the caveat nails, at all. They look awesome in black though!
    3. I'm coming to LA soon (before the end of the year) and I want to see you! DRINKS DRINKS DRINKS!

    1. 1. thank you so much!! it's crazy to see that there are still people following after my lack of update-yness
      2. i picked it all off last night. ha.
      3. yes! email me most defintely!


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