i moved to LA

ohmygodhi! i'm going to try this blogging thing again. i sorta fell off the face of the blogging earth for a bit there. i honestly think that having my computer stolen back in Jan was a major turning point. i really want to edit this thing but without photoshop it's beyond hard. and when the blog doesn't look good, i don't feel good about blogging.

anyway. i moved to la. april 28th. i moved here with no where to sleep but a futon at a friend's place. i figured it was now or never. i've now officially moved into a place with 2 roommates. it's pretty fab. so, here's where i give you my little room tour...
it's not quite finished yet. still need to figure out that blank wall by my bed and do somethin' fancy over my tv...which i didn't take a photo of cause it's so boring.

any ideas?

ps. that's my eeyore saying that he loves la. he really does. such an ee-whore.


thanks for the sweet love! love, little.
p.s if you want to leave mean love i will unleash my league of midgets on you. no one likes to get attacked by midgets.

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