OC vs LA: biker communes, pool parties, and night hikes

for those of you that know me personally, it's not a hidden fact that i loathe "the oc." i've kinda made it my life's mission to make sure no one that isn't from there goes there. it's a bubble. an old friend from high school actually congratulated me on my escape.

everything is so much better here. i came to the conclusion that this is where everyone comes when they feel like a change needs to be made. it's so amazing to see and talk to those people that just packed up and moved.

it's way cool, way more artsy, way more cultured, way more laid back, way more fashionable, way more accepting, way more everything.
oh, you know, just drunkenly welding at 2am. no big.
wasteland la pool party at the roosevelt. vip. i will never turn down free clothes and a cute leopard print bag.
hiking up runyon canyon at midnight and drinking wine? #obvi.

this blog is going through a bit of a change...and more of a transition too. sorry for the fuzzy graphics and a bit of mismatchyness. it will be done soon.

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